Amande Rose


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Amande Rose

It is a character I made myself. I do not know why I have so much fascination on a rose, that I kept practising to draw. Jetaime means I love you. I guess there is always a yearning to be loved. Everyone wants to be loved and accepted. Rejection is not nice. But remember, the rejection does not mean that you are not good enough, it just means that you are not the right person for that job, person, application.

Rejection means that there is an opportunity for something better. When a door closes, another door opens. So do not take rejection heavily, because it is what all of us have to go through. But remember, the rejection does not mean that you are not valuable. Also remember, the rejection does not mean that you stop trying. Instead, keep trying. Because who knows, when you keep trying, you keep learning, and when you keep learning, you make progress.

Rejection in love may hurt and anger you. Maybe even hurt your ego and pride. But that does not mean you are worth less. You are valuable and worthy to be loved. One person rejects you does not mean that somebody else does not love you. There are more people who love you rather than one person who rejects you. Why focus on the one rose when you have 20 other roses? A rose can be meant as expression of love. There are many expressions of love, it can be through friendships, family, teachers, medical professionals, and even your pet. So take heart, and do not lose hope, because you are valuable to someone in this world.

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