Illustration of Tolak Angin

Tolak Angin.jpg

I drew this illustration of Tolak Angin: Indonesia’s Herbal Syrup. Usually when the weather is cold, or when I am tired, I get masuk angin, or the wind goes inside me. I would get headaches, tired bodies, and feel sick. This herbal syrup always makes me feel better. So friends, what is your herbal syrup in life?

When the going gets tough, who do you turn to for comfort? Is it food, friends, family, God, strangers. Many of us usually would like to share the hardships you have gone through. Surprisingly, sometimes, it is easier to share with strangers instead of family because they do not judge you. But there is also danger in sharing with strangers. Because family knows you best, sometimes it is embarrassing to tell your stories, but friends, trust me, your family will have your back. So do not hesitate to share to your family. But sometimes I can understand why one would not want to share with family, so they share with their friends, but again sometimes you have to find those who you can trust. So, who can you trust in this world really?

If you find that there is no one you can share to, I say share it to God. You may not know Him well, but He has your best interest. He loves you deeply. Whatever sorrow you have, tell Him all about it. When nothing feels right, when the going gets tough, He is always there looking out for you. Even though you might not feel ready to begin a relationship with Him, He is listening and He cares to every problem you have. Trust me, I have been there, telling Him all my problems. So, whenever you feel lost, talk to Him, He has been waiting for you.

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