There is Light

There is Light.jpg

There is light at the end of the tunnel. When things get hard, there will be a light to guide your way in the darkness of night.

You know that feeling when you are at that dark spot. In the end of a cliff, where you try to climb up, but no one is there to help you. The feeling of sinking, and going down, further and further. I have been in that situation… I was so scared. I did not realise at that time, I was feeling that way because I was looking just at my problems. I was not looking up to see a light, and way for me to get up. Once I look up, I see that someone gave me a rope to climb up. A rope can mean tools or support system around you. But you need to make the effort of climbing the rope yourself. The rope is just a tool, you have to make the decision to help yourself.

Your support system can just spout out words of advice and encouragement, but if you do not do it, and not take charge of your own life, how are you going to be able to climb up the cliff. I know, it seems hard, after looking at the light, you just want someone else to climb up the rope, or carry you up, but you would not go anywhere, without first making the decision to do things for yourself, such as taking care of yourself. There is light, however the choice is ours to make.

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