The dangers of desires

I used pencil to draw the pig, and used watercolour for the body ( a mix of pink, cream, and purple) and lastly for the background, I used gouache paint and stamp it with my Chinese name

Psalm 37:4 says ” Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart’s desires.” A lot of times this is taken out of context, does it mean that when we enjoy His presence, He will give what we want. It must be taken into account the previous verse and the continuing verses. The more we delight in the Lord and trust in Him, our wants will focus on what God wants for our life. His desires becomes our desires. As we spend more time with Him, we will learn to please Him and will want what He wants.

I don’t know what is the dangers of wants and deepest desires, but it could lead people to places, scary places if we do not put our eyes towards Him, if we do not walk with Him. Being wealthy, having a partner, good job, good education and being healthy are valid desires, however the desires should be directed towards Him, Jesus at the centre. If He is at the centre, being rich is not greedy, rather being humble and helping others; having a partner means having a soulmate, one you give your whole body, heart, soul to the one who loves God foremost and us before himself or herself; having a good education or job means accepting any school or job that God placed you because that place will make you grow wiser and mature and that it will be a place of learning; being healthy mentally means changing your thoughts to His thoughts, your actions to His actions and not letting people’s opinion affect you, rather standing grounded in God’s love, acceptance and affection for you and me.

One thought on “The dangers of desires

  1. It’s a meaningful article Bryna. It has deep understanding toward God and His will upon the people’s life. Once our heart connected with His will, and our mind with His thoughts, our lives will be sincronized with God’s existence and full of His powerful life.

    We may bring down heavens to the people’s life on earth, so we may live on earth like live in heaven. It’s fulfilling Jesus’ Lord Prayer “Let Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.” God bless you

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