Worry like octopus tentacles

The octopus is drawn with Kaweco fountain pen with blue ink and the octopus is painted with Kuretake water colours. I took the picture of the handprinted octopus and got rid of the outline and used the Paper app to add cream sentiments around it.

Worry or anxiety is something that most people will experience. Worry comes from thinking too much about something. Just like the tentacles of an octopus, a thought will branch out to many thoughts. Thoughts about the future and uncertain things that has yet to happened. Worry is common, but there will be an extent in time when the worry will become overwhelming that it consumes you and makes you sick.

The question is, “How to get rid of worry?“. The answer is trusting that God has the best plan for you. Whatever season in life you are in, trusting God leads to inner joy, peace and contentment. It is said, “Do not worry about anything but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

This is a verse that I have to remind myself daily. It is very easy to get consumed with thoughts, negative thoughts, pessimistic thoughts, hope-breaking thoughts if we do not direct our thoughts and focus on God. How God clothes flowers and feeds the birds, how will he also take care of His children. I myself struggle with this daily, worrying about my future, what will I be, what job will I do, and so much other things. But to remember that God has the best interest for me, and not to worry about anything, because He provides, He is faithful, He is good, and He never disappoints.


I use the Paper app to sketch with Apple Pencil to draw the leaves and colour it, the word grace was free flow calligraphy, and the pictures were from Unsplash

What is grace? Grace is that we do not deserve something but yet we get it. The picture of the bird is a symbolism for somebody. And the rose is a symbolism for that grace. The leaves are the symbolism for the different phases of life we go through. Imagine a bird, flying. One day, it got injured and broke its leg. It cannot fly for awhile and cannot feed itself. And next to the bird is a rose. The bird can ponder upon its beauty. While it takes time to heal itself, the bird just looks at the beauty of the rose. Slowly, as time goes by, the bird is healed again. The bird would never forget how the rose helped it have hope and meaning in life while it is recovering. Same goes in our lives, when we are hurt, there is Someone out there who cares for us, and is looking over us, giving us the peace and joy during the hardest test of times. So, please enjoy the picture and the poetry I have done and ponder… ponder about the grace you have been given. The grace to still breathe, live, and enjoy things in your life you currently have now.

Eyes are windows to one’s soul

The eyes are windows to one’s soul. You can see happiness, sadness, or troubled minds in one’s eye. Sometimes we can only be an ear to those who are in pain. When we see someone’s eyes fill with troubles, be there for them, just listen… because listening is key to understanding and loving them.

We do not know what troubles people have. The sorrows, the experiences they have, we can only be there to listen, to ease their pain. Giving a hug to them also helps. It gives warmth to their soul.

So, whenever you see someone in troubled state, have a listen to what they have to say, and try to put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes listening helps that person have hope to go through their difficult times. Be there, and have a listen.

Beauty in the ordinary things

Sometimes, we wish for extraordinary things to happen in our life. Maybe it could be instant healing for your sickness, winning the jackpot, being rich or famous instantly. However, where does that take us? It does not make us learn. Sometimes, God allows us to experience ordinary things, and instead, these ordinary things are things that shape us into what we are today.

For instance, some people want to be instantly healed from their depression. But sometimes, they have to go through becoming sick again. I know it is painful to go through that. But through that depression, that person can see how the family or friends are supporting that person. This person will also know how God is ever present in His trouble, loyal, loving and that God will never leave this person nor forsake him.

Sometimes, in the ordinary things, when we start listing things we are grateful for, we can see how a miracle life can be. That we are born, that we can grow, and can have meaningful relationships is a miracle in itself.

Many times, we want extraordinary miracles. But just pause, and look at your life, what are the things you can be grateful for? For me, it is God, family, friends, healthy self, can experience good food, can see, hear, taste, can have a good education, a comfortable house, chance to travel, my grandparents, grandaunts.

So, have hope, there are many things we can be grateful about. I know sometimes it is hard because of the worries in our mind, however, let us give thanks for what we have today, because we do not know if we can have it in the future.

Looking outwards

Sometimes, we like to focus on something so much, that we forget to look at our surroundings. Here is a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I hope it gives you a sense of space where you can stop focusing on the things that makes you think a lot, but just pause, and look at this beauty. Somehow, that happens to me a lot, focusing on one thing so much, that it branches to other thoughts. But once I give myself permission to pause and see the beauty that is around me, my problem seems smaller.

So friends, I encourage you to pause, and look at your surroundings, take a picture if you must to keep it in your memory, or paint it if you want, or write about it. It will amaze you how after pausing, doing things like writing, art or photography makes you relax.

So do not worry about anything because you are well taken care of. Your needs are known and they will be fulfilled. Even the birds are fed well. So, be encouraged, and know that you will be taken care of.