Looking outwards

Sometimes, we like to focus on something so much, that we forget to look at our surroundings. Here is a picture of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I hope it gives you a sense of space where you can stop focusing on the things that makes you think a lot, but just pause, and look at this beauty. Somehow, that happens to me a lot, focusing on one thing so much, that it branches to other thoughts. But once I give myself permission to pause and see the beauty that is around me, my problem seems smaller.

So friends, I encourage you to pause, and look at your surroundings, take a picture if you must to keep it in your memory, or paint it if you want, or write about it. It will amaze you how after pausing, doing things like writing, art or photography makes you relax.

So do not worry about anything because you are well taken care of. Your needs are known and they will be fulfilled. Even the birds are fed well. So, be encouraged, and know that you will be taken care of.

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