Beauty in the ordinary things

Sometimes, we wish for extraordinary things to happen in our life. Maybe it could be instant healing for your sickness, winning the jackpot, being rich or famous instantly. However, where does that take us? It does not make us learn. Sometimes, God allows us to experience ordinary things, and instead, these ordinary things are things that shape us into what we are today.

For instance, some people want to be instantly healed from their depression. But sometimes, they have to go through becoming sick again. I know it is painful to go through that. But through that depression, that person can see how the family or friends are supporting that person. This person will also know how God is ever present in His trouble, loyal, loving and that God will never leave this person nor forsake him.

Sometimes, in the ordinary things, when we start listing things we are grateful for, we can see how a miracle life can be. That we are born, that we can grow, and can have meaningful relationships is a miracle in itself.

Many times, we want extraordinary miracles. But just pause, and look at your life, what are the things you can be grateful for? For me, it is God, family, friends, healthy self, can experience good food, can see, hear, taste, can have a good education, a comfortable house, chance to travel, my grandparents, grandaunts.

So, have hope, there are many things we can be grateful about. I know sometimes it is hard because of the worries in our mind, however, let us give thanks for what we have today, because we do not know if we can have it in the future.

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