I use the Paper app to sketch with Apple Pencil to draw the leaves and colour it, the word grace was free flow calligraphy, and the pictures were from Unsplash

What is grace? Grace is that we do not deserve something but yet we get it. The picture of the bird is a symbolism for somebody. And the rose is a symbolism for that grace. The leaves are the symbolism for the different phases of life we go through. Imagine a bird, flying. One day, it got injured and broke its leg. It cannot fly for awhile and cannot feed itself. And next to the bird is a rose. The bird can ponder upon its beauty. While it takes time to heal itself, the bird just looks at the beauty of the rose. Slowly, as time goes by, the bird is healed again. The bird would never forget how the rose helped it have hope and meaning in life while it is recovering. Same goes in our lives, when we are hurt, there is Someone out there who cares for us, and is looking over us, giving us the peace and joy during the hardest test of times. So, please enjoy the picture and the poetry I have done and ponder… ponder about the grace you have been given. The grace to still breathe, live, and enjoy things in your life you currently have now.

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