Discipline in doing things step by step

This watercolour of a chicken and calligraphy is done by me on the Paper app and also using watercolour from Kuretake

Smart is useless if we don’t have the discipline. I realised that now. For instance, if we try to achieve things without caring for our basic needs, we will be sick. Discipline to exercise, to have a healthy body is also difficult. Another thing is spiritual discipline for those religion where you ought to read the Bible and pray everyday. Reading the Bible ought not to be as a means of getting God’s approval but it is to deepen our relationship to Him and be renewed in our thinking also to be able to discern what is right and wrong. Years of wrong thinking or believing something negative about yourself can make you defensive, frustrated, lethargic. It is then also important to take the time to meditate, to reduce the chatter in the mind. Currently, I am doing what I enjoy, starting again, to draw and paint, which is also a discipline when setting aside time for it and to practice it. In addition, I am also preparing for my studies in class, reading bit by bit to finish my law books and supplementary materials.

One thing everyone has to do is to get up early, which is also a discipline! Setting aside time to do routine, quiet time, shower, breakfast, do art, music, writing, and studying. Keeping consistent while focusing on the goal of finishing my Master of Laws at University of Sydney. It requires effort to unlearn all the negatives in me, and starting to practice the good habits. However so, I am learning to do it step by step to reach the goal until the end when I finish the race in this lifetime.

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