Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is. Where your treasure will be, there your heart will also be. What is the treasure in your heart? What is taking position in your deepest corners of your heart? Be honest with yourself. You do not need to tell me, but it is good to reflect.

Are we accumulating wealth? Or fame? Or maybe degrees? Material things may give certain happiness, but it does not last. How many times do we buy new things again? Fame will also pass away.. Degrees to make people look at you… those will pass too…

So what lasts? For me, Jesus is. He was, is, will be always there. He is my home. The place where I run to when I feel afraid, lonely, angry, frustrated. He will never leave you.

Throughout my life journey, I finally came to realise, He never left me once. Also, He blessed me with such loving family and friends.

There were times when I had thoughts, lies that were framing my perspective. That I am not loved because of one negative experience. But He showed me that is not true, through His word, through my family, through my friends.

And friends, when I look at the picture of this house, is a representation of my home, and my home is my treasure, my treasure is Jesus, and Jesus is in my heart.

Do not be discouraged, but look to Him. When material things do not fulfil, He fulfils. What is your home?

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