Let us have endurance in finishing the race



Amidst all the pain and suffering, this verse reminds me to focus on God’s love. What He did for me at the cross. All my guilt and shame, sins, He took it upon Himself, that I may be clothed in Christ. It was not easy to accept God loving me a first because I asked myself, ‘How could God love a broken person such as myself?’ But I have no right to question that and in His mercy and grace, He showed me He truly loved me and accept me as I am. As God regards me as an apple of His eyes, He leads me beside quite waters. I used to question God’s love because He did not give me what I want but as the Bible says His ways are higher than ours and God knows best what is good for me. To focus on God’s love is to give thanks to Him and to trust Him that He who started the good work on us will finish it until completion.


In regards to endurance. Christ endured trials and suffering because of us. We can be strong in Him because He gives us strength in times of need. He who endured temptation will help guide our hearts to turn away from evil and put the enemy under our heel. And we ought to run with endurance the race that lies before us. And let us be confident in the end and boldly declare ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.’

This is the original version in my journal using the Paper App in my iPhone and Unsplash using the words roses and bird. The word grace was free flow writing.

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