Plans, plans, and plans…

As I ponder to myself, I am not focused on my goals. I have so many different plans. Essentially, all I want to be is a success. Going to Ivy League schools, working in top-tier firms, getting lots of money. But I realised that is not what is important, my focus in life is to build my character and to be able to serve others through the talent I have. Whatever I do, whatever I achieve, I hope to contribute to society.


You can make plans, but if it does not succeed, do not lose hope. Maybe some things do not happen the way you want it to, but know that, whatever happens, essentially it is for our growth and character building. I realised that I do have high expectations, and that is good, because it is what drives me to push through the hard times, but I also reflected on this, and think again, that I have to lower my expectations so it will be realistic. What I am capable of, what my experience is, what skills I have and connect it to which dream school I could apply. If I do not get into the schools I applied to the US, I would not be upset, because nevertheless, I am a work in progress. I have achieved more than what my teachers, friends, and parents expected. It may not be much to the world’s calibre because the world has a certain definition of success: to go to an Ivy League school, have lots of money, be a slim figure, have a good career and so on. At least, I managed to finish high school and law school. That is my biggest accomplishment to date.

I do not have to be down because of rejection. Rejection is another word for failure, and failure is another way to success. If you keep pushing through and keep going on when you fail, and try again, you will ultimately reach success. Perseverance in adversity, is important. Whatever I experience in this life makes me learn, that failure, success, ups and downs shapes me to be a unique individual. Everyone experiences that also, and I believe every person in this world is unique.

In regards to people, there are some people who are rejected by society. The mentally ill, the sick, the poor, all those are not accepted in society. But we as human beings, must learn to accept these people. They are in their situation right now because of circumstances that happen. Aside from my desires to succeed, I have a yearning to help these people. I do not know what specific legal field I have to be in to help these people, and how I am going to utilise my other talents like music and art to be a blessing to these people. But I know He has a plan for my life, and I want to follow whatever He decides for my life.

To close, ambition itself is good, but do not get carried, and do not be upset when rejected. Ultimately, His plan is the best plan for each of us, it will help us to love Him and love others more, and also build ourselves to be more like Him.

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