What does it mean to love?

I used goauche paint and Affinity Photo Editor to edit this painting.

What does it mean to love someone? Yesterday..there was a sermon about hurting the Holy Spirit’s heart. These three bees represent the three times I hurt His heart. I remember it again.. a few years back, last year and now.. And I want to share that with all of you..

  1. The first time was the pain in my heart… like a broken-hearted feeling. The pain of unrequited love. I understood that feeling.. but that pain was not mine.. It was the Holy Spirit. At that time, I didn’t love Him at all, and that hurt Him. I remembered the time when I liked someone but that person did not like me back, and it hurt.. I cried..but this pain was more heart wrenching. It brought me back to the years when I got broken hearted.. that was the same feeling.. that life meant nothing without that person. I can relate to how God is feeling too.. that life is more beautiful when He can relate with us… His creations..
  1. The second time was when I cried… but it was not my tears. I was honest to God.. that my desires for a husband was bigger than my desires for Him.. and it pained His heart..It was like a knife cutting in my heart… I felt that pain..but it was not mine…it was His. My question is this to you all.. what if the person you love most love someone else instead of you? Would you get hurt? How would you feel? You love that person deeply but his love is not for you.. How painful it must be.
  1. The third time is when I hurt someone else. It pains Him because He loves that person too..When we bad mouth somebody, when we hurt people with our words, when we curse someone, when we hate…it pains Him.. because He knows that those sins rots us and makes us sick. He does not want to see us suffer. He wants us to forgive, to speak in gentleness and wisdom, He wants us to bless people because those things gives us peace and joy.

Let me end this sharing with a verse from Luke 5:31-32:31 Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. 32 I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

We need Him.. We are imperfect beings.. who have been hurt, broken, and trampled through the waves of this world. He came to give us that love, the love which heals. He found me at that place where I am most broken. I am found and cherished by the One who loves me most, and through this, I want to not hurt His feelings and want to learn to love Him more because He is worthy. He is patient, waiting for us to love Him back, but how long more do we want to keep hurting His heart that loves us deeply?

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