Patience and Perseverance

Many of us have goals in life. It takes time for people to reach their goal. I am just starting out, in my career. I guess it does take time, where patience and perseverance are needed. However, when striving for a goal, even though you must work hard, there is also a time for rest. Even in the patience and perseverance, there is a time for resting. Where can I rest O my soul? When I am tired, who do I turn to? Many of you have different ways of managing stress. It could be through eating, spending time with family and friends, or maybe through hobbies… but truly who gives joy and peace to our soul?

I was preoccupied with busyness that I forgot how to pause and rest. Rest does not only mean physical rest, but also for the mind to rest, and for the soul to rest- it all comes in one unity. Who can I turn to, who will give me rest? And now I remember who to turn to, to Him who gives rest and peace to my soul. Despite the busyness, when I spend time in His word, the truth sets me free. That it is said that if you love Him, you would obey Him. But why do we need to obey Him? We obey Him because we love Him…- with this statement comes again our tiring pursuit of obeying Him- His laws are there to set us free not to make us law doers, but we want to obey Him because He loves us. And the truth is…His laws are there to help us in this life. He made those laws with His intention. His intention is based on His love for us. So the laws would not be burdensome as long as we do it with Him. And this, my friends, takes patience and perseverance.

Same with all things in life, whatever things we try to reach, may it be weight goals, career goals, relationship goals, it must take patience and perseverance, discipline and commitment. You are not alone in this journey my friends. When the road gets hard, turn to Him, He is always there, and He will surely satisfy your soul.

Do not give up, He is rooting for you and He will be with you each step of the journey!

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