7 Days of Grateful Music x @theotenly

I want to share this song, originally called “Allah Yang Setia” by @givingmybestband , the translation of the title would be He is Faithful. Jesus, is the One that started all the good things in me, shaping me to be like Him, because I am precious in His eyes. He started the work in me and gave His life in exchange for mine. He never left me alone. Complete my life so it will be wonderful for You.


I will come up with a few of these piano cover songs in collaboration with: 

🎼: Theodore Stanley
🥀: @theotenly

Friends, when life gets hard, who do you turn to? He is there listening, He is with you, He wants what is best for you and He is faithful. No matter what beliefs you have, He welcomes you and He is the one that seeks you. He knows all your worries, fears, doubt. So whenever you feel down and discouraged, turn to Him. 

He pulled me into His embrace during the darkest moments of my life. And He does not disappoint. I hope this song will give you the encouragement you need.


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